Tracing Tenants

As a Landlord, absconding tenants can recklessly damage your cash flow and often your property. Heres why you should use WM Investigation as your tenant tracing partner:

  • We probably have the UKs highest success rate in tracing individuals – 91%.
  • We succeed where others have previously failed. Other tracing agencies come to us to trace on their behalf when they have failed!
  • We are Certified Fraud Examiners we trace across the UK and internationally.
  • With WM Investigation you have the advantage no win no fee; however you have the advantage of taking up a service with a 91% success rate attained through the longevity, experience and professionalism of our tracing agent team.

Please complete our tracing request or call 01442 430999 and we can start to solve your problem today.

Our fees are modest. A positive trace to find a single person in the UK is £125 + VAT.

We welcome customers who have multiple trace requests and are happy to negotiate fees accordingly.

If you would like to start using Britains best tracing service email your request to

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