Tracing Overseas

Tracing people overseas requires specialist knowledge.

There are many reasons for tracing missing persons and private individuals. Whatever your requirement, we have 21 years experience and believe there are few situations we have not experienced.

Are you trying to locate:

  • Relatives, children, siblings, parents, missing friend, wife or husband
  • A debtor
  • Trying to complete your family tree
  • Ex work colleagues or business contacts
  • A romantic confidence trickster
  • A witness
  • Rebate traces for pensions, wills, property and inheritances

Debtors often leave our shores to start afresh elsewhere. This does not mean you cannot locate them and recover your debt.

The more information you give us, the better chance we have of tracing the subject.   If you can confirm roughly how long ago they emigrated, and can provide any previous address/es, the greater likelihood we have of providing a positive outcome.

You will be taking up a service with a 91% success rate attained through the experience and professionalism of our tracing team. Even our most junior tracer has 14   years experience.

Please complete our tracing form or call 01442 430999 and we can make a start in solving your problem today.

All our enquiries come with a full report explaining what we have found and what action we have taken.

Fee for a positive overseas trace on behalf of a private individual is £200 + VAT *

Fee for a negative overseas trace on behalf of a private individual is £90 + VAT *

Instruct us now

*WM Investigation classifies anyone suspected or known to be living outside the UK mainland as an overseas trace enquiry.

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