Tracing Services

Tracing friends and family: Tracing people who have disappeared for whatever reason represents a major part of our overall people tracing service.
Tracing gone aways: Individuals who have moved address but not informed all parties that hold an address record for them.
Finding missing people: Circumstances giving rise to the need to find a person are almost limitless. WMs experience and breadth of skills gives you a one-stop shop for all your tracing needs, whatever the reason.
Tracing debtors: The majority of our traces are debtor traces where people have run-off without settling their dues.
Trace and serve: Our tracing service extends to trace and serve where legal documents issued by a court, solicitor or other official body are required to be served on a person that has gone missing.
Asset re-unification services: People need to be traced in order to re-unite them with dormant bank accounts, or they may be entitled to a pension or company shares they have forgotten about.

Start my trace now ?

WM investigations tracing team are experts in their profession all have at least 25 years expertise in tracing missing persons, debtors and missing tenants.

Start your trace process by submitting the form. The trace team will then contact you to confirm and talk you through your trace request.

  • The tracing team regularly deals with over 10,000 cases per year.
  • Our corporate volume tracing service has been used by high street banks, other financial institutions and FTSE rated companies for over a decade.
  • Traces are always confirmed via local and commercial sources as well as professional discreet inquiry and investigation.
  • We are Certified Fraud Examiners we trace across the UK and internationally.

Our fees are modest. A positive trace to find a single person is £125 + VAT.    We welcome customers who have multiple trace requests and are happy to negotiate fees accordingly.

Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Licence number 546383)