Surveillance – Manned & Electronic

Recorded evidence to strengthen your case

The service we offer ranges from Personal surveillance (following people) to the use of concealed audio and video equipment, in conjunction with hi-tech data systems and internet technology, to mounting long-term covert surveillance.

  • All our operations comply with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
  • We are often called in by the Police to set up surveillance systems for their use.
  • Once we have assessed your situation, we will advise as to the most effective surveillance to use, implement that surveillance and present you with a body of evidence to strengthen your case, be it for industrial tribunal, civil or criminal trial.
  • You may require evidence of an infidelity by an unfaithful partner
  • You need concrete evidence of an offence that you know to be taking place, or you have suspicions you want confirmed, we can provide all the evidence you need.
  • In cases of relatively straightforward offences such as public disorder, vandalism and fly tipping, we can catch the perpetrators red-handed and record the evidence for presentation in court.
  • More complex is the case of a false claim, for example by an employee or accident victim, where carefully executed surveillance can prove that they are not as sick or debilitated as they claim to be.

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