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I can’t thank you enough for tracing my dad, brother & sister.

I can’t thank you enough for tracing my dad, brother & sister with such little information – I never thought it would be possible! This is something that has been on my mind for the past 30 years & as I have watched my mother get older & struggle I have been feeling an urgency to know my long lost relatives in the US. I was so pleased to hear my dad was alive as I knew he was quite a bit older than my mum, so was initially unsure.

I thought you’d be interested to know the outcome, I called my brother first to break the ice before ringing my dad, we had a good chat but as we don’t know each other really & he had his hands full with his children it was a little awkward at times, but we have linked on Facebook & we do have things in common so I am hoping that we will build on our relationship & get on well. I called my dad, I remembered him as being quite a hard man but I knew he had a good heart deep down, we chatted for some time about his family history & old memories, it went well & he was a lot softer & easier to talk to than the past, so all in all there is hope for us to keep in touch, he was overwhelmed with the idea I had found him, which was nice. Finally I spoke to my sister Ivy, I managed to catch her at home not working a nursing shift, we got on very well & she has managed to piece lots of loose ends together about the family, she was very easy to talk to & I know we will keep in touch.

Thanks again

Kind Regards


“Restons Solicitors Limited has been working in partnership with WM Investigation Limited for over 24 years.  We have used their services in connection with tracing, process servicing, home visits and debtor interviews.

It is important to us to only use an agent we can trust to carry out these activities strictly in accordance with the current regulatory environment, in particular the FCA rules.

WM Investigation meets our needs in an expedient and professional manner thereby helping us maintain client satisfaction and to mitigate risk”.

Nigel Coe
Managing Director
Restons Solicitors Ltd

“I have worked with WM since bringing them into the business in 2010 having met at the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA). I am pleased to confirm they have delivered on everything promised”.

Ben Jones
Supplier Manager
Business Development, Improvement & Risk.

Fraser and Fraser

Fraser and Fraser

Neil Fraser of Fraser and Fraser of TVs “Heirs Hunters” fame have recently instructed Mike Reed of WM Investigation to find Mr X. Within 4 hours WM had located the individual that solicitors had been searching for over 3 years without luck to trace, it is hoped that Mr X could be in line for a windfall worth several thousands of pounds.

“I was very impressed with the service that WM Investigation provided in locating an individual who for all intents and purposes had disappeared. We hope to be using WM investigations tracing services more often in the future”.

Neil Fraser,
Fraser and Fraser


I have used WM Investigation Ltd for tracing, process serving and field visits for the past 12 years.

This relationship is built on trust, ethical behaviour, honesty and the knowledge that as a service provider they always have our best interests at heart. The Directors at WM are always available to assist and discuss trends and current issues and provide solutions to collective and individual problems on accounts.

I recommend the service.

Paul Atherton,

Customer Service Manager, Debt Management Unit, COOP


Dear WM Investigation Customer,

I am Member of Parliament for Hemel Hempstead and the joint secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Identity Fraud.

I have had the pleasure of meeting the Directors and the team at WM Investigation Ltd who provide an essential service for business and organisations in the prevention, detection of crime and assistance in civil matters such as the locating of debtors.

The company is of particular interest to me due to their work to prevent forged or false documents being produced to drive, used in obtaining property or for the purpose of securing employment.

The company which is shortly to celebrate its 20th year of trading provides a comprehensive service which is supported by an extremely professional and knowledgeable team.

I was extremely impressed with the security measures that had been introduced to secure all its data and ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act. This includes the current process to achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditation.

The business has a blue chip client list and a clear focus on what is achievable and required by its customers. I will be meeting them in the near future as their insight and knowledge are invaluable to anyone with an interest in this field or issue they need resolving.

I have pleasure in recommending WM Investigation Ltd and its very knowledgeable team to you.

Yours faithfully Mike Penning MP

Simon C. Mears

A quick note to thank you for the work and investigation you did for my client; they are in the Financial Services sector in Switzerland. As you know, the investigation involved detailed background work and vetting in West Africa and North America as well as here in the United Kingdom; the results prevented what could have been an otherwise embarrassing situation for my client.

Warm and best wishes,

Simon C. Mears

Oxbridge Flooring

Oxbridge Flooring have used W M Investigations for a number of years and have used their tracing and surveillance services to date. They provided a very professional service and the information that we obtained was very satisfactory. I would recommend their services without hesitation.

Frank Harwood
Director, Oxbridge Flooring

Aldridge Brownlee Solicitors

We have used WM Investigation Ltd for many years for both tracing and serving documents and we are delighted with the professional service they provide.

Jonathan Southgate, Aldridge Brownlee Solicitors

Windsor Vehicle leasing

The three baddies you have chased down were all difficult assignments. To say that I am impressed is an understatement. (I am not sure whether you conjure up the Powers of Darkness, or Powers of Light to get your results. All I know is that I am not going to risk trying to disappear while you are still doing your job).

A Elliott, Windsor Vehicle Leasing Ltd

Collections Supervisor

Your company has obtained excellent results with regard to the limited information provided and I will have no hesitation in forwarding a further amount of ‘gone aways in the very near future.

A East, Collections Supervisor, Heathmere (UK) Ltd

Landlord Action

I have been in the debt recovery industry for a number of years and in the past I had used the cheaper agencies for my trace work. I now exclusively use WM Investigation Ltd for our trace and investigation enquiries. In the past month my clients have received a 100% success rate on their enquiries and the quality of service outweighs the additional nominal fees.

Paul Shamplina

MD, Landlord Action


Are a leading global health and hygiene company with global manufacturing capability and iconic brands that are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 150 countries. Every day, 1.3 billion people – nearly a quarter of the world’s population – trust their brands to enhance their health, hygiene and well-being. They employ more than 55,000 people worldwide and posted sales of $19.1 billion in 2009.


Leading National Estate Agency

We thank you very much for your professional and prompt service and will have no hesitation in recommending you and using you in the future.

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