Glasgow Bin Lorry… Are your recruitment records and process fit for purpose?

You have probably heard or read recently about the tragic  Glasgow bin lorry crash that occurred in December 2014, after the Crown Court ruled neither he nor his employer  (Glasgow City Council) would face criminal charges in Scotland.

The enquiry into the crash revealed that the driver had a history of dizzy spells and fainting which he had not disclosed to the DVLA nor on job application forms and health assessments for Glasgow City Council, as he knew he would be deemed unfit to drive if he did so.

References sought by the Council from his previous employers were found not to be “held on file” although a manager had allegedly seen them and found them “acceptable”.

 This tragic incident underlines the importance of seeking and retaining meaningful, accurate records and following a robust recruitment process.

 Are your  recruitment records and process fit for purpose?

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