National Fraud Authority – Annual Fraud Indicator

During the last year the National Fraud Authority (NFA) has carried out a significant programme of research in order to produce its fourth Annual Fraud Indicator (AFI).

The AFI is a crucial tool in raising awareness to ensure consumers and organisations protect themselves against fraud and report fraud where it is experienced.   The AFI has developed year on year to provide the most robust estimates of fraud loss to date.

Working in conjunction with industry specialists and through the production of the NFAs own primary research, the NFA have worked to improve understanding surrounding  fraud loss and provided revised estimates of fraud loss by type and against victim.

Fraud loss is put at £52 billion this year. Each version of the AFI represents the best estimate of fraud loss at that time and as such is not comparable with previous reports.   The AFI 2013 improves on previous AFIs by estimating a greater number of fraud types, where possible to greater quality.


View the Annual Fraud Indicator 2013 report



The Annual Fraud Indicator is produced by the National Fraud Authority . Third Floor, Fry Building, Home Office, 2 Marsham Street. London SW1P 4DF.   And can be found on the government publications website–2

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