Exceptional tracing services

WM and our sister company Tracing Bureau continue to specialise on cases where your first choice agent has failed to provide you with the result required.

Although we have the expertise to handle the cases where others have failed we also deal with the more straight forward trace enquiries. With 24 years trace experience behind us, we continue to bring people and assets together, even on a ‘No trace – No fee basis

Exceptional tracing services.

Detailed below are a small sample of cases where we believe our enquiries were exceptional.

All of these cases were referred to us after both internal enquiries and 2 external agents had been assigned.

a) Instructed by a finance company to locate their customer who was wanted in the UK by police for dishonesty offences. Enquiries revealed further offences in their loan, we submitted these allegations and provided Police with a location in France. Hirer arrested and returned to the UK.
b) Clients vehicle registered to a third party at a false address. Third party traced to a new address where vehicle sighted and inspected.
c) Clients two vehicles falsely registered. The keeper of the vehicles was traced. First vehicle recovered and second vehicle confirmed out of the country.
d) Client company had no contact with their customer for 12 months. Traced to Europe and contact enabled.

Do you have cases where help is required?

As an existing client you can simply Email with your contact details and any information you have. We will contact you prior to undertaking any enquiries.

Call us on 01442 430999 if you wish to discuss further.



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