WM make you money

Being responsible for company finances I expect you are wondering how to make every penny count. Insight gained from one of our respected blue chip clients over a 6 month period proves that for every vehicle WM Investigation traced and recovered the client on average recovered £3665 per vehicle, with our recovery fees being only 9.5% of the residual auction value. This is just a snap shot of benefits your business can gain from the commercial advantage WM delivers by utilising our highly experienced trace and investigation professionals.

To gain similar commercial value for your company, please call Malcolm Maycock or Mark Bannister on 01442 430999 to discuss our services or email info@investigation.co.uk

As an expert second wave tracing, investigation and recovery company, we are sure we can return value into your business. Our services include straightforward repossession, even more complicated investigation work proving fraud and reporting to police etc.

As second wave tracers WM consider our selves second to none.

  1. We recover cars that other agents can’t.
  2. We bring closure to old cases by reviewing everything and giving definitive answers.
  3. We have a great amount of success with reporting matters to Police.
  4. We have a wealth of contacts and knowledge.
  5. We are efficient, deal with cases in a timely fashion, and most importantly, we deliver results.
  6. Our team are members of the ACFE so get up to date training in fraud and trends.
  7. Our business is ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited so you get data security and quality assurance.

Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Licence number 546383)